Count Down to 101 before 35

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#84 Vote At Least Once

I haven’t been updating this blog much. Mainly because I haven’t been ticking anything off this list. But that should be picking up soon. I am set to leave for India next month where an elephant ride is likely to happen. So that’s two right there.


But on to this one. May 1st was election day (yes this is 2 months old), and I voted for the very first time. Go NDP (lesser of the poltical evils).

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#2 to be continued…..

#2. Apply, be accepted, and graduate from BaSch Athletic Therapy.

Hmmm…. I know I said I had every intention of completing items from my list but gave myself the permission to change them if I so choose. This one might be one of those cases.

I applied… I go in… with a conditional offer… assuming I get my 100 hours work experience.  However I am having a horrible time finding someone who will allow me to do my hours with them (all of them).

So this leaves me in a difficult situation. I applied to 5 schools, heard back from 4 and got into all. The one I am still waiting on is the other school that offers the  program needed to complete #2. The deadline to make a decision is drawing near. Do I choose to accept the program and risk not geting my hours and being screwed completely for next year? Or  do I accept another school’s offer for a similar program in a loosely related feild and if by chance do get into the school that does have my program accept that?

Decision, decision, decision, what to do?

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#1 Completed

I’ve negeleted this blog for a bit since trying to complete my last semester of my Pre- Health program at my Toronto College. But as of yesterday I am a “college graduate”! Woohoo what a ride.

Do you know what this means?

*drum roll*

I get to cross “1. Graduate from my pre-health course. “

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#47 Become a Part of History

I figure it’s time to post again after opening this blog to the world. So here it goes.

On January 1st, when I was setting up this blog I in away became a part of history.  When NASA sends their next mission to Mars next year my name as well as anyone else’s who filled out the form will be included on a microchip and to sent Mars as well.

While I hope that I’ll directly do something (hopefully good) to become a part of History, I am able to cross this one off the list.

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101 things before I turn 35 FAQ.


I’ve come to realize that life is short and instead of simply living each day with no purpose and saying “oh I really wish I did that”, I’d go out and do all the things I wish I did.  None of this last minute regrets.

With any dreams you have, I find writing them down, and goal setting to be a realistic way to achieving them.  As well, I find having someone hold you accountable for your achievements a good way to avoid the procrastination that comes along with life.

This is exactly what this blog is. I am putting it out to the world that I will achieve these things on my list. In return the world will hold me accountable for achieving these things.

Why 101 things before 35? Why not 101 things before you die?

Seeing how I am scared shitless of the concept of death and then what, it would feel a little weird to have a list of things to do before I am forced to find out what happens after death. So in honour of my 25th birthday that passed a few months ago I came up with a list of 101 things I wanted to do before I turn 35.

Is this your original list?

Nope, this is not my original list.  Since completing my list 5 months ago (after a few years attempting to make a list) and posting it on facebook, I have been checking off things as I complete them. I have also been revaluating  the list and asking myself these questions, “Do I really want to do this?”, “Can I really do this?”, “Is this something I can do on my own, or will I need to rely on someone else to complete this for me?”, “Is this a one off thing, or is it open ended?”

If the answer was no to any of these questions, I removed them from my list.  Although, I did keep a few items because I like the challenge.

Now that the list is posted for the world to see, will it ever change?

It is hard to say. At this point in time I don’t plan on changing it. These are the things I want to achieve in the next 9.6 years and I will tick each thing off the list. However, I do give myself permission to change it at any time though.

35 then what? What if you don’t complete an item on your list?

101 things to do before I turn 45.

I haven’t though of that. I rather go in with the mind set, that yes I will achieve everything on the list.  If I don’t tick an item off, I suppose I can add them on the next list.

What if the world ends in 2012?

Well I better get cracking and check as many items off my list before then, just in case.

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